A wide selection of meats

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We distribute a wide variety of game meats: pork, lamb, milk-fed veal and grain-fed veal, rabbit and beef (black Angus).
We also offer an amazing selection of poultry and birds: mulard duck (from Brome Lake), chicken, guinea fowl and quail. Our products come from the greatest terroirs of local producers. They are highly prized by restaurateurs, butchers, hotels and caterers.

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Since 1997

Meat distribution specialists

We have been distributing meat for over 25 years. We help you in your choices and give you information about the breed of animals slaughtered. We also help you choose the pieces according to what you are planning to cook.

Our products are in full compliance with the food industry standards. We can deliver our products throughout the North Shore and South Shore of Montreal.


Why Choose Us

Recognized Expertise

Over 27 years of know-how with prestigious restaurants and butchers.

High Availability

Speak directly to our specialists and experience a professional and personal service.

Delivery in Less than 24 Hours

Your order is delivered the next day to meet your requirements.


Professional Suggestions and Advices

Count on us for advices and inspiration regarding meats, cuts, and menus.

Proven Reliability

Distrobec boasts a stable, dedicated team committed to your satisfaction.

Environmental Responsibility

We recycle boxes and use zero-emission trucks for delivery.